Vapour Blasting

MBS Exeter provides a vapour blasting service – a gentle, effective way of cleaning and restoring aluminium surfaces.

What is vapour blasting?

First used by Rolls-Royce to finish the surface of jet engine blades in the 1940s, vapour blasting has become a popular chemical-free option for removing grease, dirt, rust and other residues from vehicle components. It’s a quick and efficient method of cleaning and stripping a surface and once the process is complete, aluminium surfaces are restored to their original satin-like condition.

How does vapour blasting work?

It uses a mixture of water, an abrasive element such as fine glass beads, and compressed air. This is then sprayed onto the area that is being cleaned. The abrasive element breaks the surface of the dirt or whatever it is that you want to remove and safely chips it away. Because it’s mixed with water, the surface you’re working on is protected and the dirt wipes away quite easily. Vapour blasting is particularly useful for getting into ruts and crevices that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

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